In addition to the other services HoskART Studio provides, we also can design, 3D model and 3D print. From investment casting to props for your next movie, we can deliver on time and on budget.

Investment Casting

Industial Design


Having a 3D Printer that can create plastic prototypes is one thing, but having the ability to have printed plastic moulds that are cast into metal, is a huge leap forward for low volume runs.


Casting from 3D printed parts


Using 3D printers offers a great alternative to the traditional methods of casting as it offers a faster, more affordable, and less labor intensive resin casting processes using our LED-SLA facilities. Detail up to 10µm, comparable to injection molding.


3D printed molds are ideal for the production of small product runs where the cost of traditional tooling would be prohibitive.

At HoskART Studio we can create and develop concepts to your specifications optimizing the functions, value, and appearance of the product you have in mind.


With additive manufacturing we can create a physical object you can hold and get the idea ready for a fund raising project or product launch.


Accompanying this is a vast array of graphic design, providing you with a detailed interpretation of your design in what ever format you require within your budget.



Built on a firm foundation of integrity, HoskART Studio is one of the best dedicated provider of additive manufacturing / 3D printing, rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding services in Australia.


HoskART Studio is a  company with project management and engineering expertise. Prototyping and low-volume production of plastic and metal components directly from design data is easily achieved with our broad selection of technologies and materials.


Additional capabilities in tooling and injection molding make HoskART Studio your one-stop source to bring your concept from prototype to finished product ready for market or your next movie.


We have a wide diverse team that handle all aspects of design and imagination bringing you the best quality and cost effectivness.

Rare parts
Film Props

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Wrist SciFi prop

Home Audio promotions

Skip Mount

Spare part replacments

Movie props

Investment Casting

Cold Casting


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With over 20 years experience in the industry HoskART Studio can bring to the table a large number of projects that have been delivered on time and on budget with the service and quality you would expect.

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