In addition to our services and quality we ensure we keep you informed consistently throughout the brief, delivering on time and on budget.

These are some of the specialist areas we can professionally promote you with.

Logos + Identity

Print + Advertising

Web + Interactive

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product.

What we can design is a logo that everyone will remember.

Print media advertising is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media, such as magazines, posters and newspapers, to reach consumers, business customers and prospects.

It would be silly to say we don't deliver digital media.

HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript have opened up many design possibilities. Web design nowadays is very interactive, it is no longer limited by static layouts.

This place can offer something called parallax to play with.

Digital + 3D Modeling

Film + Compositing

Industrial + Prototyping

Professional modeling is the foundation of every aspect of the 3D production pipeline and is essential to the success of any 3D computer graphics project.

That's why we can offer 2D images also, just  because we can.

A good compositor must be both an artist and a technician. Digital Compositing for Film and Video is creative and masterful with a touch of talent.

We can provide special effects/ compositing for a TV commercial right through to a feature movie.

3D Printing technologies are enabling rapid transitioning of low and high tech concepts towards industry-ready prototypes.

Your design can be in your hand physically in a much shorter time-frame, ready for that funding push.

Images influence us.

What you read in the newspaper, watch on television, or video, in the cinema or on the web, the world is consistently reminding us that the world is a visual place. Who among us is not influenced by imagery in advertising?


Good graphic design sells your product and your look is a vital component of how people perceive you. Whatever form of promotion you decide to undertake, our organization is committed to making you look good.




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With over 20 years experience in the industry HoskART Studio can bring to the table a large number of projects that have been delivered on time and on budget with the service and quality you would expect.

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